Office and Embroidery Studio Inspiration

In the past, the blog has been a great accountability tool (if that makes sense) and that's proving to be the case with the office. After clearing the room of moving boxes on Monday night and ripping up the carpets and tack strips on Tuesday, I spent Wednesday evening scrubbing the trim and washing the walls. Some people would probably skip the cleaning and move forward with priming, but the room, especially the trim, needed it.

Tabitha asked what color was going on the walls yesterday and I realized that for the first time, I hadn't given paint color much thought. My initial thought was to paint the room white even though I haven't been a fan of the white walls that seem to have permeated the blogsphere in recent years. I went to look at my Pinterest board of office and craft room inspiration and realized that there was a lot of white...but there was some color, too.

Pinterest makes it nearly impossible to find the designer for this beautiful space! Halp!

Brickmoon Designs in Houston, TX, via Houzz

Half the space has to be my embroidery studio, so these beautiful craft rooms and home offices don't quite fit the bill. Embroidery studios need thread racks, a place for hoops, storage for rolls of stabilizer, room to iron, and plenty of space for fabric.

I believe this is Eileen Roche's studio (THREE muti-needle embroidery machines = heaven!)

Thought I prefer uncluttered spaces, I'm going to have to have some wall storage and use the space under the table on which I'll put my embroidery machine and the laptop I have dedicated to designing monograms and embroidery.

As for color, I think the inspiration pictures I gathered point to one of the colors I'm using throughout the house - pale green. I think I have my wall color already...Benjamin Moore's Silver Crest, which is up in the master bedroom already.


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