New Month, New Goals

I have three goals for this month:

1. Get our dining room to the point where it is ready for use.
2. Start tearing the room that is supposed to be my office apart.
3. Blog a little more often.

Right now, I'm waiting for our chandelier to be hung in the dining room. It's heavy and I'm extremely nervous about doing the job myself. I hung all the light fixtures at our old place, but this one needs to be hung from a "structural member" because it's so heavy. I'm leaving it up to someone else. Once that's done, I'll start moving things in. I'm dying to get some art on the walls right now. I hate the bare walls!

The room I will be using for my studio and office has been mostly used for storage since we moved into the house a year ago. It's not like boxes were stuck in there and never touched. We find ourselves in there rummaging around for something fairly often. We just needed to get all that stuff unpacked and in some sort of home, whether permanent or temporary.

I never took a picture of the room full of boxes, but here's what it looked like when we moved in:

I'm kind of embarassed to show where we are right now. It's almost the same room, one year later. We had the ceilings sanded and refinished, took the curtains down, and started to rip out the wall-to-wall carpet.

I might need one of those "one room challenges" that people jump onto every now and then. Alas, the last one was in the spring. maybe I'll make it a one-month challenge. I don't think I want to still be working on this room in six weeks.

Here's the plan:
-get the rest of the carpeting out and rip up the tack strips
-scrub all the trim and wash the walls
-remove all the closet doors (five sets) and figure out if I want to keep them or not
-prime and paint the walls, doors, ceiling, and trim
-shop for and install a new light fixture
-move a rug into the room
-shop for and purchase a table for my sewing/embroidery machine and laptop
-shop for and purchase a regular desk for my iMac and files
-figure out window treatments
-hang art

Okay, after writing it all out, I'm not sure I can do that in a month. I'm going to try!


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