From the Hoop: Monogrammed Bags, Linens, and Gifts

The theme of this installment of From the Hoop is gifts! Almost everything I made this month was a gift someone was giving to a loved one.

Leather-like (don't you love how so many people have started using the term "vegan leather" instead of faux leather or pleather?) envelope clutches are huge in other areas and I bought a few to monogram. I'm only down to two (orange and kelly green) at this point, but I'm thinking of getting a few more. I love how they look monogrammed.

I posted some bandanas that I made for a friend's dog in April and they were quite popular! A few monogramming friends started making them and I've also made some to use as casual, colorful napkins.

When I posted a picture of Baxter in his 4th of July bandana, one of my friends asked me to make a few for her dog and her mother's dog. 

 It had been so long since I made something for my own nephews that I decided to make them some cute polos for an upcoming vacation. Their initials are surrounded by French dots.

I've been getting into a little more applique work recently, too. When I started embroidery work, I thought applique would be super easy, but it is pretty time consuming. Applique is when you stitch fabric in place on an item and use embroidery to embellish or outline it. On this tote bag, the middle initial is applique. A satin stitch holds the fabric in place and a decorative stitch runs on top as a contrast.

This towel has two layers of fabric serving as a frame for a monogram. This is on a kitchen towel, but it would be great on a tote or clothing.

This last project was a set of beverage napkins/coasters from a giveaway that my friend Stephanie at The Fete Blog did on her blog a while back. The winner of my item was my blogging friend Brookelyn, who blogs over at Best of Bklyn.

Looking to have something monogrammed? Email me at jeannine *at*!


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