Finding a Craft Table for my Studio

Even when the room that is going to be my office and embroidery studio was just a storage room, I kept an eye out for a table that I could use for my embroidery work. Pottery Barn's Bedford "Project Table" was one piece that interested me for a while, but it was much bigger than I wanted. It's the kind of table you'd put in the middle of a room and since I want the room to serve two purposes, that wasn't idea.

I also considered an island from Ikea that was used in this office, which was in my inspiration file:

Again, it was meant to float in a room and I wanted the table to go against the wall on one side of the room so I could have my desk on the other side. Plus, I really didn't want to go to Ikea. Am I the only person who doesn't like going in there? I feel like you make at least a 90 minute commitment when you just walk in the door of that place.

I knew I wanted a table that was counter height (as opposed to the taller bar height) and that I wanted it to be white. I did a lot of scrolling on Craigslist and a lot of googling. I also flipped through tons of craft blogs in which people showed their sewing or embroidery studios.

One day, I found the perfect table while reading craft blogs...and I looked it up. It's from the Martha Stewart Craft collection that is carried by Home Decorators (aka Home Depot). It's not the finest piece of furniture in the world (the only made in the USA route for a craft table that I could find was to go with Ana White), but it is substantial enough to hold my embroidery machine and its dedicated laptop with room to spare. The height lets me stand instead of crouch over my machine. It's also deep enough that I can walk to the side of the table and see into my machine from the top (which is nice, but not necessary).

I debated taking the cords out, but whatever.

The two drawers are as deep as the table, so I can store my hoops in one and my needles/scissors/bobbins in the other. I ordered a new, larger thread rack to mount on the wall to the right, too.

My goal was to have this room finished by the end of the month. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm getting close.


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