Fast and Easy Ribbon Storage

When I was a little girl, my mother would always put ribbon around my pony or pig tails. I don't know when that stopped, but I really think my affinity for ribbon comes from always having them in my hair as a child. When I see the ribbons she used (either grosgrain or feather edge) at the store, I always feel nostalgic.

I've wound up with small ribbon collection and up until now, it has lived in a box. Whenever I need to wrap something, I find myself digging around and promising myself that I'll organize at least my favorite ribbons at some point. Getting a counter-height craft table gave me the opportunity.

I originally envisioned finding smaller versions of the hardware used to hold a closet clothing rod in place, but a staff member at Lowes told me such pieces don't exist. My solution was to use a hook-and-eye set up.

I picked up a dowel that would hold the ribbon at Michael's and was pretty confident that the plan was going to work.

I picked out a spot on the side of the craft table and played with my favorite spoils of ribbon to figure out where the hardware should go. 

This next part was a little scary...I made a small pilot hole and then put the hooks in place. After that, I cut the dowel to the right length, taking the "eye" hardware into consideration. 

A second pilot hole in the dowel made getting the eye hardware into the dowel a little easier, but I still needed Marc to finish that part of the job. 

A very light coat of white spray paint and the whole thing was done!

I think I might install a second dowel since this one is only long enough for some of my ribbon. I still have a bunch sitting in a box. 


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