Charlottesville MLS Photos of the Week

Looking at MLS (multiple listing service, where homes for sale are posted) photos is something I do when I have a little free time. Magazines and blogs are great for inspiration, but MLS photos give a glimpse into real homes. In my area, staging isn't too, too huge, so most of the local listings give a pretty honest representation of a home.

Of course, there are always a few photos that make give me a little laugh.

1. Drones for Real Estate Listing Photos

I'm sure you've heard that drones are one of the newer tools that real estate professionals are using to get images and videos of their properties. It's really cool to see a property from above, but I think it takes some skill to get things just right.

I'm not sure this photo is giving me too much insight into the property or neighborhood around this house. The roof looks nice, though.

2. Limited Photos on MLS Listings

It kills me when relatively expensive homes are listed without descriptive photos. This new listing has nine photos on it and only THREE are of the interior. All of them are of the kitchen. The listing mentions four bedrooms and the lovely living spaces. Where are they?

3. Real Estate Agent Cameos

I love these. The woman in this image was the listing agent on our house. If you read the story of our horrendous buying experience, it shouldn't be surprising that there isn't a ton of attention to detail. Can you tell I'm still bitter?

4. Un-fancy Things Presented as Fancy

This next photo reminds me of a hilarious back-and-forth between Drew Scott and a contestant on HGTV's Brother vs. Brother last week. The contestant had new floors laid and was adding baseboards. He put quarter round in and Drew pointed out that quarter round is a shortcut, used to cover sloppy work. The contestant was dumbfounded. He had no idea that high end jobs don't end with adding quarter round. He said something like "I use shoe molding on every job."

So here we have a picture that is probably supposed to impress because of the pretty flooring, but what jumps out at me is quarter round, the fact that doesn't match either the trim or the floor (it's molding, so it should match the trim, in my opinion...some don't agree), and some scuffs on the bannister.

5. The Unfinished Project

I think this next image brings up an interesting debate. Is it better to show something unfinished that has potential or should it be left out because it represents a project that the buyer will be saddled with? It doesn't look like there are even counters on the cabinets in that space (I think it is supposed to be a kitchenette in a basement).

Those are just a few recent favorites. The market seems hot here, so maybe the bar it a little low for listings right now.


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