Are "Color Trend" Forecasts the Click Bait of Design?

There is so much "noise" on Facebook these days that it's easy to breeze right over posts by my favorite shelter magazines. The posts that I can't pass up are "Color Trend" forecasts. I have to click to see what the next big thing will be.

This morning, I clicked on an Elle Decor link about the 2015 color trends (provided by House Beautiful?) and there were 11 slides. Those eleven slides were all over the map. I didn't feel there was a real trend cited.

Plenty of images seemed a little...staid? This looks like it would have been in Domino years ago:

White calls with bold color? Haven't we been doing this for years at this point?

Neutrals...nothing new there, but it's a nice break from the white-wall-plus-pops-of-color look.

This next one was about olive green. I could see people stepping away from gray for olive.

"Sour green with blue"

This next image was used to describe "Renaissance inspired" color palettes that mixed colors and textures. 

 Blue. I fully support the bold use of blue.

Of the whole lot, I think this image was most appealing, but still pushed me outside my comfort zone a little bit. The purple mirror might not be my thing, but I love the sink and the light fixtures!

Okay, so no one really knows what we'll all be wild over next year. I'll still fall for the click bait, but I don't think any of the "experts" is able to predict the future.


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