Our Abnormally Large Air Filters (and a Filter Easy review)

One of the major projects on our to-do list is replacing our HVAC system. The previous owner of our home put central air into the house, but the unit is purely an AC unit. There are electric heaters on the baseboards in every room (sometimes on multiple walls). The northerner in me is leery of electric heat. It's expensive and you wind up closing off rooms to keep the heat in the areas in which you spend the most time. Despite being frugal, our elective bills were high over the winter.

We heard that two HVAC companies in the area were running specials on HVAC replacement during the month of May. One was the company we used when we lived in the condo, so we had them come in at the beginning of the month to give us an estimate. They said they would follow up by phone or email, but we didn't hear from them again. Marc called our contact and she said she had gone on vacation, but would be in touch in a few days with our estimate. The end of the month was approaching and we decided to call in the other company. The technician said the special rate would run again in the early fall, which bought us a little time to have the work done.

In the meantime, we need to keep the current system in good condition since our inspector said it was nearing the end of its useful life. There was one very basic filter in a closet when we moved in and that got us through the summer. I was always good about changing our air filters at the condo, but the AC unit at the house takes a really large filter that isn't stocked by any of the stores I checked. I bought the largest filter at Lowes thinking it had to be the right one, but you can see that it wasn't nearly large enough.

The basic filter that was here when we moved in next to the largest filter carried locally.

I turned to the internet to get a filter to use this summer and found a company called Filter Easy. Not only did they have the huge filter we needed, they will send you a new filter every three months, when you are supposed to change your filter. I could choose between three different levels of filtration and went with the middle option. It was here in a couple days.

The Filter Easy folks didn't compensate me for this. I just think their service is interesting and might be helpful if anyone else out there has an HVAC system that takes a filter size that isn't stocked locally or if anyone else forgets to change their filter after three months. By the way, I *think* the code "friend" or "friends" (lower case) should give you a discount if you sign up for the service.


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