New Art by Brent Smith (and a Recap of our Anniversary Weekend)

One our first anniversary last year, we went back to our wedding venue, Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards, for wine tasting and lunch.

We adore Pippin Hill and love going back there. We inevitably run into other Pippin Hill couples when we visit. We became friendly with a couple that got married there a month before us and I think I've run into one or both of them three different times, though they live in Washington, DC these days.

We've been so busy with house projects that we didn't make big plans for our second anniversary until it was upon us. Well, that's what I thought. More on that later. I floated the idea of going back to Brookville, where we had our rehearsal dinner and thought that was our big celebration. We'd go to Brookville for dinner on Saturday, then Pippin Hill for wine and lunch on Sunday. Perfect.

For some reason, we decided to redo everything. I wore the same outfit that I wore to my rehearsal (I was a little overdressed, but who cares). We almost walked right into Chef Harrison Keevil when we arrived and he congratulated us. Maybe his wife, Jennifer, who runs the front of the house saw me Instagram my outfit from the car on the way over? If not, they have the most incredible memories.

(same dress, same clutch, one extra ring and the bracelet I wore on our wedding day)

Our meal was absolutely incredible. The amuse bouche was pickled ramps and we were also given some of Brookville's popcorn, which probably has as much of a cult following as their burger because they pop it in bacon fat. That was followed by a fantastic cheese board. I had the most wonderful muchroom ragout for my entree and Marc had fetticini with local ham. For some reason, a Brookville burger showed up at our table, to Marc's delight. If I was a food blogger, I'd be able to provide details of every wonderful bit, but I'm not. Suffice it to say we ate and drank well.

A Legend beer for Marc and Thibaut-Janisson sparkling for me

I pitched the idea of going to a restaurant called Maya after dinner because we stopped there for a drink with four of our friends after our rehearsal dinner. I remember being seriously nervous about getting a good night's sleep and not really enjoying my drink, so that night was the perfect time to rectify that. On our way, we were coaxed into a new brew pup by a boy carrying a trumpet who said "We're about to play Neil Diamond!" The former Bostonian in me had to go in and sing Sweet Caroline. Then, it was on to Maya.

Are you wondering where the art is? It's coming, I promise. Okay, the next day when we woke up, Marc went into the bathroom that we pretend isn't there. We have three full bathrooms in the house and we use the master bath and the bathroom in the basement. The "main" bath is completely ignored. We will update the bathrooms, but that one is the lowest on the list. Marc knew he could put something in there and I wouldn't find it.

He presented me with a bag from Folly (here's a little shop tour I posted last summer), the most wonderful home store in town, and inside was a painting by Brent Smith. Marc gave me a Brent Smith painting last Christmas and he went for a larger piece this time around.

I was totally surprised. I honestly thought dinner and our trip to the winery was a great gift. We might not have furniture in every room, but we have great art to put on the walls!

After the surprise in the morning, I was on cloud nine. The afternoon at Pippin Hill was wonderful. As seems to be tradition, I chatted with a couple that was there to sign their venue contract. The number of Pippin Hill couples continues to grow.

The anniversary weekend ended yesterday (Monday) with lunch at Boylan Heights. The day after our wedding, Marc and his co-host (and best man) did their radio show with our friend Steve (who was a groomsman) and then a bunch of us met at Boylan Heights, a burger bar, for lunch. You order by scantron there and I wrote my new name for the first time that day.

Why mess with tradition? We were both working yesterday, but decided to meet for lunch to finish the celebration.


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