I'm Not a Mom and I Love a Potty Training Video

I'm a huge fan of Kohler products. I think Baker Furniture is divine, Ann Sacks tile is stunning, and Kohler bathroom fixtures are best of design and functionon. The company can do no wrong in my book. I get emails from Kohler's marketing and PR folks and always find them interesting, but the one I got last night had me clicking through several times.

The most interesting of all of the features (more on the others on another day) was the one about potty training. Okay, it was really about a new touchless product Kohler created for toilets. The video is deliberately un-slick and cheeky. Kohler used a vlogger for this, which explains the less-then-professional (but still charming) acting. I actually remember seeing a commercial about this product somewhere a few days ago, but this video drove the message about the product home.

I don't even have kids and I want this thing.

They actually are making toilets with the touchless feature built into them now. I used to really want a dual-flush, but I'm thinking the touchless might be pretty cool for the guest bathroom. What if Kohler is able to combine the two some day?

I can't believe I've written this much about toilets.

By the way, they also did a "behind the scenes" video.

Side note: vlogging is one of those things that seemed to get really huge when I took a year or so off from paying attention to the design/home/lifestyle blogging world to be a wedding blogger. I'm amazed that Youtube is full of people with thousands of subscribers! I think the only Youtube channel I follow is for a band. 


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