From the Hoop: Bridal Edition

A few months into having my sewing and embroidery machine, Marc said something about how it was a good thing I didn't have it before our wedding. I started thinking of all the things I would have monogrammed and embroidered if I had my machine during planning and almost wanted to plan another wedding. Almost.

I love weddings, so I was so excited when I was contacted by brides and a wedding planner friend to do some projects for a couple weddings! The first bride, Samantha, is a local photographer I know because of her adorable dog. I somehow saw Samantha's puppy pictures on Instagram enough that when I saw the puppy in person on the street, I stopped to say hello. We seemed to chat all the time via Instagram and Facebook, so it was exciting to do a few projects for Samantha and Michael's wedding.

The first project was a set of banners that would be used on the doors of the UVA chapel and later moved to the backs of her and Michael's chairs at their reception. She had a beautiful wedding logo that used a shield and laurels, so I tried to pay homage to it in the embroidery work.

Samantha had bought some beautiful, gray linen for these projects. I embroidered on cut pieces of the fabric and then she created the banners on her sewing machine.

The next project was a flag or banner for her ring bearer to carry down the aisle. We went back and for on font styles and designs quite a bit until I found an amazing embroidery font that had beautiful flourishes. I can't wait to use it again on a project. Isn't it lovely?

The next project is one of my favorites.Samantha caught some of the same DIY fever I did when I got married and painted corn hole boards. She went a step beyond what I did for our wedding and asked me to embroider fabric that she'd use for the corn hole bags. We decided to put a small version of the crest from the first project on one side and the wedding date on the other.

My plain corn hole bags are looking pretty pathetic compared to these!

Samantha also asked me to embroidery a napkin for her cake table with a saying. As we talked about it, the plan changed to their monogram and then I said I wanted her to have napkins for her and Michael's place settings, too, and threw those in.

Right before I started to stitch, I messaged her about maybe increasing the side of the monogram to be a bit more dramatic than the size I would traditionally do. She was game and I love the results!

The last project was embroidering little pieces of linen for a "Thank You" banner. I was a bit nervous about this one because the pieces were too small to hoop (a hoop holds your fabric in place while you embroidery) and the embroidery would have to be huge. 

At some point, I'll share pictures of of all of the results, but her now, here are two pictures that include the finished projects by photographer Jen Fariello.


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