An Unexpected Addition to the Living Room!

A few weeks ago, I stopped by The Artful Lodger in downtown Charlottesville just to see what they had in the store. When I saw this, I stopped dead in my tracks:

It's the Kensington Bespoke Chaise (really a tête-à-tête) by Four Hands Furniture and I immediately thought it would be perfect in our upstairs living room. I've been thinking that the room is so long that setting up two separate seating areas might help it feel more cozy. I wanted either an armless sofa or a table to sit in the middle of the space, to mask the break between the two rugs in the room (one rug came from Shades of Light's outlet and the other came from Artful Lodger after Overstock sent one that was irregular). As a reminder, here's how the first floor is laid out:

There is so much to do around the house that I put the chaise out of my mind. The living room was really low on our priority list for the last year. However, every time people come over, we either have to go down to the basement where the TV is or sit in the living room where the seating consists of two Ikea chairs and our dining chairs. It's not the most comfortable or welcoming set up.

So, this weekend, the chaise came home with us. I was so happy that I couldn't help but put an early morning picture of the living room on Instagram on Sunday.

The living room is still far from done, but I love how it's shaping up!


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