What to do with a spare room?

Our energy has been focused on some behind-the-scenes and outdoor projects lately (more on those soon), but in the back of my head, I've been thinking about one room in the house where my original plan might not make sense anymore. I'm talking about our spare bedroom, the mint green square in the floor plan below.

We are currently using the guest bedroom as our master because we haven't really put much energy into the real master. We have a bed and I ordered bedding, but we still haven't settled on a mattress or a rug.

Instead of focusing on the rooms we'll actually be using soon, for some reason, I keep thinking about the extra bedroom. I guess I tend to like to have a rough idea in my head of what my spaces are for so I can develop a color palette and decor scheme slowly.

When we first moved in, we thought the extra bedroom would have twin beds, for when our niece or nephews visit. I had thought we'd love closer to Marc's sister when we first started our hour hunt and had visions of my niece and nephew riding their bikes over all the time. Since we didn't move to their part of the area, I guess I decided that they might want to sleep over with their cool aunt and uncle (I loved sleeping over at my aunt's in Manhattan when I was a kid). As a result, I had images like these in my head, all from previous posts on this blog:

 From Eddie Ross' portfolio, the painting is by John Matthew Moore, posted in November 2009

From the original Domino, posted in July 2010

A horrible phone photo from the Hotel Monaco in Baltimore, posted in September 2009

I liked that last image because there was a leather trunk being used as a table between the beds and I thought it was cool. I'd love to find something more functional but with the same look.

However, these days, I'm wondering how practical it is to have a bedroom with two twin beds in it for child guests that might come once in a blue moon. Is there another function for this space? We already have space set aside for my office/studio and a room for exercise equipment downstairs. Most of my books are on my ipad now, so we don't really need a formal library.

The door to the room has mostly been closed since we moved in and I took the wallpaper off the walls. It currently houses my wedding gowns and my sewing machine's boxes (which were too big to get through the attic door!).

What would you do if you had an extra room in your house?


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