A Peek Inside the 2014 Charlottesville Design House

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I've been posting sneak peeks at the Charlottesville Design House this week. Five years ago, I visited the Design House and loved it so much that I asked if I could share a few little details on my blog. I wanted to share enough to inspire people to see the house in person. The money raised by ticket sales benefits the Shelter for Help in Emergency, after all. What's more, photographer Robert Radifera has been taking great photos of the house each year and there's no way my little iphone could rival his work.

Thankfully, the SHE team has always been wonderful about letting me snap a few photos to share online.

A note about getting to the house: There are two ways to get into the Farmington neighborhood. The one that most people know is not made for constant traffic (it meanders along a golf course) and the road is not wide. It's much easier to shuttle people to the house.

If you want to visit, park at Westover Farm on Old Garth Road. You'll see a field set up for parking and a blue tent where you can wait for the shuttle. The shuttle takes less than five minutes since the drivers have passes to get in through Farmington's back gate. If you went to last year's design house, you know the routine. We parked at Westover Farm last year, too.

While I volunteered at the house over the weekend, I talked to one pair of visitors didn't realize that rooms in design houses aren't meant to coordinate. While there are certain colors or elements that might carry over from one room to another, like the gray, geometric patterns in Will Chambers/UFab's bedroom (above) and Moyanne's entrance hall (below), this is purely coincidence. The designers aren't expected to coordinate at all.

Since I've been on a lighting kick lately, I couldn't help but share this beautiful Visual Comfort fixture that Michelle Adams used in her room. While it's hard to pick a favorite space, I think Michelle's is one of my top three!

The light fixture below is in a very unexpected place and was put there by Jennifer Kovaleski of Orange Chair Designs. I won't spoil the surprise, but I'll say that this year's design house spills over into the yard and you'll know where I took this picture after you wander through the outdoor spaces by Heather Williams; Anna Boeschenstein of Grounded and Andy Guercio of Evergreen Hardscapes; Leslie Gregg of The Market at Grelen, and Snow's Garden Center.

More tomorrow!

May 4-18, 2014
10 AM - 4 PM most days
10 AM -7 PM Wednesdays and Thursdays


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