A peek at our dining room and a giveaway!

I am getting closer and closer to having a dining room! We did some painting two weeks ago and had to put the paint supplies away while I tended to some things at work. I pulled out the paint last night and started working on the trim. The dining room has crown molding, baseboards, and a thick chair rail along with two doorways, so there's a bit to do. One coat is done and I'll go back and do a second tonight before hitting the little edges with a tiny brush.

At some point, I'll show the whole room, but for now, here's a little taste of where we are:

If you stop and start painting, you know that the typical way to keep your paint brush wet is to wrap it in plastic wrap. It works, but it's a little messy and if you do a lot of painting, it feels kind of wasteful (I don't use much plastic wrap). The folks behind the Paint Brush Cover sent me a sample so I could check out the reusable alternative to covering paint brushes with plastic wrap.

If you watch Shark Tank, you might remember seeing the Paint Brush Cover on the show. They wound up getting their investor! In fact, the sharks seemed to fight a bit over them! On top of this thing working, the inventors are charming. They even sold their covers to three stores on the morning of their appearance on the show.

You can see their appearance on the show here (that URL should start you at the 30 minute mark, where their segment starts).

Honestly, I was skeptical at first because I was sure air could get in there and dry the brush out. The area where the brush handle protrudes from the case is lined with foam to keep the brush in place and keep air out.

I don't leave paint on my brushes for days and days, but it's nice to know that I can leave them for a couple hours and get back to painting quickly. As the video shows, they've left brushes in the cover for months with no problem.

Here's the giveaway part: one reader will win a Paint Brush Cover and a Roller Cover. U.S. residents only this time.

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