The 2014 Charlottesville Design House

The Charlottesville Design House is back for a fifth year! 

Five years ago, I remember hearing about how hard it was the convince someone to give their house over for the very first Charlottesville Design House. Now, word is that they have people lining up to be part of this amazing event.

If you aren't familiar, design houses are events that often raise money for charity. Our house in Charlottesville benefits the Shelter for Help in Emergency. Designers sign on to decorate one room in a large home and the public buys tickets to see the results. Design house rooms in the same house aren't being created with one client in mind, so visitors get to see many different styles juxtaposed.

This year's design house is in the Farmington neighborhood (where last year's house was located) and the kick off event is on May 1st. You can visit the house from May 3 - May 18. Tickets are available online and at many area stores.


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