Picking Paint for the Dining Room

When we got the basement living room to a point where it was comfortable (it's not done, but we are using it), Marc suggested that we work on the dining room next. He pointed out that we had the basics from the condo and the room wouldn't need much to feel reasonably done.

As a reminder, here's what the dining room looked like originally:

Here's what our dining area looked like in the condo:

One day, we'll upgrade our table, which was an incredible find years ago. I had been looking at different options at furniture stores, but basically stumbled upon a heavy, oval table at Target in 2009 and realized it was the perfect size for the dining "nook" in our old condo. The finish isn't great, so the table doesn't look so nice anymore, but it's held up amazingly well for a $150 table. We'd love to have a table with leaves so we can expand it to accommodate more people at the holidays.

For now, paint will be the main change for the dining room. The dining and living areas in the condo had been painted with Benjamin Moore's Smoke, which was a nice blue-gray color that changed with the lighting. For the house's dining room, I wanted something with a more green tint. After staring at my paint decks for days, I decided to do what Carrie from Brick City Love said she did...look to blogs for paint colors. One color that jumped out at me up over and over again was Benjamin Moore's Tranquillity. I was pretty sure it was "the one" and went to have a sample mixed at my local Benjamin Moore dealer. On a lark, I had them mix a sample of the next color in the Affinity deck, Crystalline. Well, you know what happened...we both liked Crystalline better.

I spent a ton of time looking for the perfect white for the ceiling and settled on White Heron.

Last weekend, we painted the ceiling and walls. After living with neutral walls for almost a year, it's very odd to roll out colored paint. I kept thinking it was too dark and that it was going to look horrible, but once the walls were done, I loved it.

I'll share some photos when I settle on a trim color and get that painted.


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