A New Look for Small and Chic

There's something about spring that brings out the blog makeovers. I feel like several bloggers I know are talking about new designs for their sites.

Because I've been working on both Blogger and Wordpress, I had been thinking of moving all of my blogs over to Wordpress. I kept setting parts of a Wordpress site up, but never followed through on moving this blog completely over. In the end, I realized that the two things I didn't like about the blog anymore (the color scheme and the influx of spam since I disabled Disqus) were easily fixed. I reinstalled Disqus and went shopping for a blog redesign.

Lisa at Pixel Anthology was able to give the blog a fresh, new look within days of my contacting her. If you read through a reader, you might not see the new look, so here is what the site looks like these days:

While I realize that Disqus isn't perfect (the few Internet Explorer users out there might have issues with commenting), it has completely stopped the influx of spam that came when I reverted back to Blogger's standard commenting.


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