One more addition to the bedroom

The ultimate goal for the bedroom where we are currently sleeping is for it to become a guest bedroom. I've been decorating to make it pretty and comfortable for a visitor all this time. One thing that I really wanted was to have a comfortable reading chair in one corner.

I think I've written about scale before on this blog and I still have issues with how many of the popular, chain-type home stores are showing enormous furniture. Those pieces look great in new construction and they'll probably work for our large living room, but they aren't quite right for our bedrooms. On a whim, I looked at Craigslist and found a chair and ottomon that looked perfectly sized. That was also the day that I posted a ton of Craigslist finds, so it was an oddly good day on the site that's normally full of mattresses and bedroom "suits."

Marc and I met the nicest woman when we went to pick up the chair. She and her husband were downsizing to a condo and selling a lot of their furniture. She seemed to tickled at the idea of this going in our first house since it was leaving her last.

The chair is comfortable and clearly well-made. The upholstery isn't our style, but there aren't any issues with it.

I went to U-Fab and The Second Yard to look at fabrics for the chair and found a few contenders.

The nice thing about shopping at U-Fab is that they have my curtain fabric so I didn't need to bring swatches. 

This last fabric won't work, but it was so pretty I had to take a picture.  There's a huge bolt of this stuff on the sale rack at U-Fab. I love it.

Down at The Second Yard, I found several options. Some were a lot more colorful that I thought I'd want. One reminded me of a Lilly Pulitzer print.

My favorites were one colorful print and one more simple one. I think the simple one is my favorite, but the fabric seems to be discontinued. 

On a whim, I checked Calico Corners. I haven't purchased anything there since I had a sofa made by them back in 2005. I'm not a fan of their lack of labeling. A lot of their fabric lacks a manufacturer's label. While I expect that from U-Fab because of how they acquire some of their fabric, I do not think the manufacturer of $85/yard fabric should be a secret.

I'm a little worn out at this point and am putting reupholstering the chair on the back burner. I'll share what else we've been up to next week.


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