Matouk, Peacock Alley, and Sferra, oh my!

When I last wrote about our bedroom, which will one day be the guest bedroom in our house, I was patting myself on the back for hanging curtains and bamboo shades. Once that was done, I turned to tracking down the perfect bed linens for the room.

Years ago, I would have quickly, but carefully surveyed the options, selected one, ordered it, and had it on the bed within a week. These days, my style has slowed down a bit. I think this is probably because I'm considering these long-term purchases, whereas in the condo, I was decorating for the short-term.

After a lot of searching, I settled on coral Lulu DK for Matouk linens in a pattern called Chant. I liked that it was bold, but still feminine and wasn't too trendy looking. I ordered the linens from Pioneer Linens, a store in Florida that often runs terrific sales. I was certain that these were PERFECT for the room and when I opened the box in the kitchen, I loved them.

But when I took the linens upstairs to the bedroom, I started to think I had made a mistake for two reasons.

1. The color was almost pink vs. an orangey coral. I didn't want to admit it, but it didn't look nice next to the drapes.

2. The duvet cover was super-sized and didn't have ties inside it, so a comforter was going to float inside. You don't need ties inside a duvet cover if it's going to be snug against your comforter. My comforter was a king and it was swimming inside the queen duvet cover.

I still love that pattern, but it just wasn't right for the room. So, the linens went back. A lovely saleswoman named Martha, with whom I was working at Pioneer Linens, suggested a Peacock Alley pattern and had a swatch sent to me. The color was perfect, but I thought the pattern was a little juvenile for us. If we were decorating a girl's room, I'd be all over it.

I had a pretty sizable credit at Pioneer Linens and decided that if I didn't find anything quickly, I'd order linens for our future master bedroom (even though I spent a ton of time picking out the most beautiful linens at Valerianne up in Vienna.

While doing one final look through Pioneer Linen's options, I found the Andover linens by Sferra. Martha didn't have them in the store, but said she thought Sferra's coral was more orange on her swatches than the Matouk's coral had been. So, I placed the order and crossed my fingers. I guess Martha knew the wait was going to be tough because she had her Sferra rep send me a swatch. I LOVED it!

When the linens arrived, I was so busy at work that I just set them aside. It was a few weeks before I took them out of their packages.

Sferra's duvet cover isn't oversized, but they still had ties inside them. I don't think they are necessary with their covers, but I think it's nice to have the option of using them.

A friend who used to work at Restoration Hardware told me that they usually put two comforters inside the duvet covers on their display beds they they'd look extra lofty. I decided to put one down comforter and two down-alternative comforters inside mine. I love how fluffy it looks.

Right after I placed my order, I found out that Folly, a fabulous home furnishing store here in Charlottesville, is carrying Sferra linens. I'm glad that I can order the blanket that matches my linens at a local shop. 

We still have a few more things to do before this room is "done," but I'm happy with how it looks.


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