A Return to Color

I usually say that I fell away from design blogs and design blogging while I was wedding planning. Looking back, I think that I just stopped being inspired by a lot of blogs and only read the ones written by people I knew in person or who I knew fairly well through chatting by email or social media. I think what bothered me was the blogger trend of the white or gray wall.

There was a time when white or gray walls (with a rainbow of accessories) seemed very modern and cool. I think Domino, during its run as a shelter magazine (let's face it, the new version is some sort of hybrid -- it's part magazine, part advertisement, and part catalog). I loved it when I was renting and painting was out of the question. It was very cool, though it wasn't really my style.

Bloggers really ran with the look. I can't tell you how many posts I scrolled past about finding the perfect gray or about the right white for walls. Color was in the furniture and accessories. Patterns were layered over patterns, sometimes artfully and sometimes not-so-artfully. Now and then, there was a veritable riot of color.

I've lived in a house with white (off-white) walls for a year now and it has really affected my perception of color. I NEED to get color back on the walls. I miss it so much! The problem is that blog-land doesn't really give me much inspiration these days. I see so many neutral walls.

Imagine my delight when I started the April 2014 magazines started appearing in my mailbox.

It isn't lost on me that some of the cover images still show gray or white walls. However, once I started flipping through, I saw several features that made me think people are embracing color on the wall again.


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