A Look Back at the Southern Living Showcase Home

Chatter about design house season has started. We're so lucky to have several fantastic show houses in our region and I'm happily lapping up the little dispatches from the different sites.

Jennifer Sergent shared images from the Bare Bones event at the DC Design House on her DC by Design blog. The DC house is always my favorite, since it's where I first "met" Olivia by John Matthew Moore (which also led to us bringing Bell home).

The Richmond Symphony, which sponsors a design hour every other year, has updated their website with a date for the 2014 home, which will open in the fall. Charlottesville's Design House has been selected and Facebook updates have begun to trickle out. Our local event supports the Shelter for Help in Emergency, a wonderful organization that does very important work in our community.

The one show house that I'll miss is the Southern Living Showcase Home, which was built from scratch by Summit Custom Homes. The Southern Living Showcase Home concept is a bit different. I loved my visit, as you can see from this video:

That's Tara Mills and Yankee Dixie playing the background on the video.

Perhaps I need to do another week of show houses to get the others in the region covered. Our design community is so strong and supports so many wonderful charities through these houses!


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