Dressing the Bedroom Windows, Part 1

If you had told me that it would take me months to select and hang window treatments in our bedroom, I would have laughed at you. We moved into this place in late June and I had visions of a very productive summer being full of projects. I guess the summer was full of projects, but they were mostly behind-the-scenes type things that don't make for the best blog content.

In August, I selected a beautiful, coral fabric at UFab and had them make drapes for the windows in the bedroom we are currently using (which will eventually be a guest bedroom). That purchase is what sent me to buy a sewing machine. I multiplied the cost of the drapes by the number of windows in the house and decided that I needed to finally learn to make proper drapes. Back in the condo, I dipped my toe in when I converted rod-pocket drapes to pinch pleats, but I want to learn to do more. Of course, buying my sewing machine was my introduction to embroidery work, my new hobby.

I posted the drapes to Instagram, but thought I'd wait until I had blinds or roman shades up to blog about them.

Since the furniture in the room is mostly dark wood from our old bedroom, I thought that some wide, bamboo blinds might look nice behind the coral drapes. I'm sure half the design blog world instantly thinks of Joni Webb's use of bamboo shades in her home and in the Albans House.

I originally bought a set of bamboo shades from Overstock.com. For some reason, I have no luck with that company. When they arrived, the color wasn't the rich, chocolate brown that had been down in the picture on their website. They were more of an orange brown. There wasn't enough contrast with the drapes, so I had to send them back.

Walking in Lowe's one day, I saw some bamboo that had potential. It was thick (not the tiny sticks) and the signs said it would be cut on the spot to the right dimension. I had my doubts. Several times over the next few weeks, I put the blinds in my cart and then returned them to the shelf. Finally, a Lowe's gift card made me take the plunge.

We took the 60' wide blinds to the salesperson and told them we wanted them cut down to 50' wide. He took us to the next aisle where there was a huge Levelor machine.

He stuck the entire box in the machine and started entering in the information about the blinds. I was freaking out, but I guess the way Levelor packs their products, they can be trimmed right in the box without destroying hardware. When the staff member put the machine in gear, you could hear two saws working on the ends of the box. Here's the very end of the process:

Amazing! Part 2 is coming tomorrow...


  1. Ha. I first saw that second picture and was like, "OMG YOUR HOUSE LOOKS AMAZING."

    But it will when you're all done. I have no doubt. Love the curtains! Can't wait to see the bedroom come together!

    1. The fact that you think I could have the skills of Joni Webb makes me delighted!

      Maybe some day...


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