Placing a Large Rug

The massive, 12 x 18 rug I bought at a Leftover Luxuries sale in town went into my car two weeks ago. It stayed in the car for a week, since work commitments kept me from doing much of anything around the house.

I wish I had video of Wendi Smith and I tying the rug up and rolling it on dollies out of her warehouse space. I backed my car up to a tall loading dock and told Wendi to send the dollies over the edge so the rug would fly into the back of my SUV. Wendi is one strong woman and she had the rug sailing into the air, through my lift gate, and into the rear of the vehicle. Then, we had to pry the dollies out from under the massive rug, which took some doing. When I got home and told Marc about how we did this, I could barely stop laughing.

The rug was so heavy that I didn't want to move it until we were ready to place it in the basement living room. Because the rug was so big, I wanted to make sure we had the right pad underneath it so we wouldn't have to roll the rug up again.

When I had a free moment, I visited Marc's old friend Frank S. Eways whose family has operated a well known rug store in the area for over 80 years. Frank's store is a big, beautiful place in a nearby town called Ruckersville (though he's thinking of moving into Charlottesville). He has one room full of traditional rugs an another for more modern rugs. He also has a separate workshop where rugs are cleaned by hand and repaired. It's quite an operation!

Anyway, Frank suggested the appropriate rug pad for the Persian rug (and took a look at it since it was still laying in my car) and also cut pads for the flat weave rugs that are in our upstairs living room. For the flatweave rugs, he suggested a thick pad that would keep them from slipping around and make them feel more substantial underfoot.

Frank actually delivered all the rug pads so I didn't have to haul them home.

We cleared the basement room and realized that the rug pad was going to slide all over when we pulled the rug in. There was no way we could truly carry the rug because it was so heavy. I would up taping the rug pad to the floor with packing tape so it wouldn't bunch up as we placed the rug.

We almost called Frank to help us because the rug was so heavy, but we eventually got it down and were so, so happy with it. 

Looking at the back, you can see all the beautiful knots that make up the rug. Can you imagine how long it took someone to do this? It's all done by hand.

There are 28 different trees in this Tree of Life design and the pattern is perfectly symmetrical.

Next up comes placing the furniture in the room!


  1. I know this is going to sound cheesy but I have always thought of hand-knotted rugs as works of art. So beautiful!


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