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Here in Charlottesville, there's an incredible resource for flooring called Floor Fashions of Virginia. I've been in their standard flooring showroom once or twice, but I usually bypass it to go into the warehouse. The Floor Fashions Warehouse is behind the retail space and it is many, many times bigger.

At Floor Fashions, you can order all kinds of flooring, but in the warehouse, you can see those massive rolls of carpet and crates of carpet tiles stacked from the floor to the ceiling. There's a stack of samples on the end of every roll so you can see what is inside.

There are also machines that rotate rolls of carpet. It reminds me of a pizza oven!

If wall-to-wall isn't your thing, the staff at Floor Fashions will bind any of the carpeting they have to make you an area rug.

Behind the rotating rug machines are rooms full of huge remnants. The remnants aren't little carpet squares, they are room-sized leftovers and the prices are fantastic.

Because our basement living room is so big, I thought I'd go to Floor Fashions to see if there was a large rug or a remnant that I could have bound and used in the room. We will eventually replace the wood flooring in the room, but want to wait until we are doing some other spaces.

This living room is going to be Marc's domain and his style is a little bit more traditional than mine. He also wants me to use burgundy and gold in the room, as a nod to his beloved Washington Redskins. After a few turns around the warehouse, I found a few possibilities and texted pictures to Marc.

First, there was a very traditional rug that was pre-made. I didn't love the design, but I knew Marc would. The price was great, but it was too small and there wasn't a larger version in the warehouse. An 8x11 foot rug is large, but our space needed something about 12 feet wide and at least 16 feet long.

Ugh...pardon the paint on my hands and the destroyed manicure...this was after days of working on the basement!

 Among the remnants, I found another solid option. Floor Fashions would cut the remnant for free and bind it for about $150.

13'2" by 14" sounded large, but I wasn't sure it would look right in our space. The price was great, so I asked them to hold it for a little bit so I could run home and lay out my tape measures.

Alas, the remnant wasn't going to work and there wasn't another one like it. What's more, I started thinking that all that burgundy might make the room feel much smaller.

Even though I didn't wind up buying a rug from Floor Fashions, I wanted to share my iphone pictures of the place because it's so interesting.

2422 Richmond Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22911
(434) 296-7744
M-F 9 AM - 6 PM
Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM 


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