Calling in the Professionals

I love painting. I have always found it enjoyable. When we bought our house, I knew that every room had to be painted and I thought I'd work through it methodically, room by room.

It hasn't happened. This has been such an incredibly busy year that we've only painted two rooms in the six or so months that we've had the house. Part of the issue is that we've spent a lot of our home improvement budget on "behind the scenes" things that needed to be fixed (roof, gutters, electrical work). The other part is our jobs. I don't know why this year is so different, but we don't have much free time these days. The house (and the blog) has suffered as a result.

Last week, I was a little sad about putting our Christmas tree up in our almost empty living room. Marc had a suggestion. Instead of buying Club tickets for the Redskins game that's on his birthday (a new tradition we've started), Marc said we should use that money to hire a painter and get as many rooms painted as possible. He's hoping that he'll be able to watch the game that falls on his birthday in the basement living room (I refuse to call it a "Man Cave") on that beautiful, leather sofa bought.

We put out a call for referrals on Facebook and got a few names. This week, we are getting estimates and with luck, we'll have painters here before Christmas.

That means I have to start picking paint colors. The basement is the priority right now. Marc thought we'd have a very literal Redskins theme in the basement. I have some other ideas. There will be clear nods to his beloved team, but with faux wood panels on the walls, the space is begging for some brightening up.

A neutral is probably the best route for the space. I'm not a huge fan of beige, but I used a very light one in our bedroom before we sold the condo and used it again in the guest bedroom at the new house. That color was Maritime White and it's one of the few beige colors I like (maybe because it doesn't come off as yellow).

Looking at the pictures, I still love Maritime White and I'm questioning my recent interest in another Benjamin Moore color, Manchester Tan. Manchester Tan seems to be a favorite among interior designers because it comes off as a nice, linen color on the wall. A few examples:

I love how it changes in the light. The sample I purchased is hard to judge because I don't think it was stirred enough. The first coast was very gray, but the second was more beige. Together, they actually reminds me of Maritime White a lot!

Decisions, decisions.


  1. Painters seems like a birthday present for the both of you! I think your painting time has gotten distracted by all of your awesome monogramming projects (and who can blame you!?) Can't wait to see the continued progress!

  2. I used Manchester Tan and Bleeker Beige all through my house and I love them! In the sunroom I used Muslin. All Ben Moore colors. Looking forward to seeing what your professionals do!


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