Shop Tour: Salvagewrights Architectural Salvage in Orange, VA

Have you ever been to an architectural salvage yard? If not, you may be familiar with these businesses if you have watched Salvage Dawgs on the DIY Network. When a structure is set for demolition or renovation, these folks salvage the interesting (and sometimes historically significant) parts of the building to be reused. My first experience with a salvage shop was at United Home Wreckers in Connecticut, which is downright luxurious compared to some of the more gnarly places I've been since. I find that I like the dirty places where you have to slink your way through a maze of old barn doors and cast iron tubs as you make your way through the shop. Caravati's in Richmond is a little like this, but I recently found the coolest, most interesting salvage shop and it's right in Orange, just about 30 minutes north of Charlottesville. It's called Salvagewrights.

You know I'm going to take you on a tour...

At this point, I was not impressed. I thought it seemed small and like there wasn't much architectural salvage there to see. A couple mantles, some vintage furniture, and a few doors weren't what I expected.

How silly I was to make that assessment while still standing in the front room. The building is extremely long and as I moved through it, things got more and more interesting.

Get ready...this post is about to get really, really cool.

That's a wall of vintage door hardware. The assortment of knobs was awesome.

Ugh. I wish my iphone had been in focus for those beautiful knobs.

Moving into the middle of the building, I started to have fun...

And then there was a sign that said "more back here" which led me to the best room of all. The warehouse. The warehouse is probably 2-2 1/2 stories tall, to give you a sense of how tall some of these things were...

All of the piles of wood were twice my height. I was actually a little nervous walking around them. 

That huge white piece is a set of double doors. I'd say that thing is easily 12 feet tall. 

Outside, there was even more...

I was actually there for the huge, slate roofing tiles. We used them as place mats for a shoot I styled a few weeks ago. I crawled around pulling tiles out of their bins for quite some time until I had the perfect set. Once that shoot is published, I'll share the pictures of the table. The tiles looked so cool against the ruffled, white china we used.

441 North Madison 
Orange, VA 22960
Open to the public Saturdays, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


  1. I was meaning to stop by but totally forgot. Its only about 30 minutes for me too.

  2. I want to go to there. Those knobs are calling my name.


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