The Property Brothers and Bob Dylan's Interactive Video

Have you seen the interactive video on Bob Dylan's website? It's a video with the buttons of of a TV set and no matter what channel you watch, the people on the channel are lip synching Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone. It's a damn cool video.

Earlier this week, Someone from The Today Show declined to have the hosts participate (this news, delivered on-air, upset them greatly). I played around with the video and found that HGTV got involved. If you find their "channel," you'll see Jonathan and Drew Scott from Property Brothers singing along. They also include some "B" footage at the end.

I just hit replay on the video and they even got the "homeowners" (not sure if they are actors or a real pair that was on the show) involved.

Go check it out. It's pretty cute.


  1. I love this! I almost want to go through and watch some of the channels from beginning to end.


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