Our Vanguard Cleo Bed is Here!

By the title, you'd think I'm announcing something that just got here. In reality, our bed was delivered a few weeks ago, but I've been so busy that I haven't had time to share.

The tufted bed I searched so hard to find is finally set up in the bedroom. I scoured the web for tufted, wingback beds. I found several I liked, but got scared of ordering through a chain that seemed to be importing things from abroad. Then I found a stunning Vanguard bed, debated fabrics, and waded through the wood and nailhead options for it.

The Artful Lodger here in Charlottesville made everything pretty easy. Their delivery guys were quick and efficient. I wasn't sure a king sized bed would make it into our bedroom, but they navigated the tight turns and stairwell with ease.

Once they had the bed set up, they asked me if I wanted them to put the mattress into the frame. It was so nice of them, but we have no mattress. That would have required us to be in the same zip code for more than a day or two in the fall and for us to have the time to go try out some mattresses. So, Cleo sits in the master bedroom, empty. We'll get the mattress selected someday soon, I'm sure.

For now, some pictures...

upholstered king sized tufted bed

We've grown disturbingly comfortable with unfinished rooms around here. There isn't a single space I consider "done" at this point.


  1. Absolutely love it! So excited for you! I've been in my home almost four years now and can't say that any room is "done"...it's always a work in progress!

  2. It is absolutely stunning! I've been looking for a bed similar to that for some time. All the ones I've found have been out of my price range. But when buying a big, gorgeous bed is in the cards, I'm definitely going for a similar look!


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