What's in a Name?

I'm deviating from my usual home projects because I've been thinking about something for a few weeks. This isn't a very eloquent post. Just some thoughts.

Here in Charlottesville, we have a very special place called The Haven. The building itself is used for all sorts of things, but for many people in this town, it's a day shelter.

Many (most?) shelters open in the evening and close in the morning. They provide a safe place to go at night for the homeless. During the day, we have The Haven. At The Haven, folks can get online, do laundry, take a shower, watch TV, and receive mail.

The Haven has a secure room where guests can store a box with important papers or belongings. I didn't even know they provided all of those services until recently.

A few weeks ago, I saw a sign flipper on the highway. You know those guys...they usually dance and flip a big sign around to advertise something. They aren't common in this area, so when one appears, it definitely gets my attention. The one I saw was flipping a sign that said "The Haven."

His sign was advertising this Haven:

The people who developed a "town center" style shopping center here in Charlottesville called Stonefield seemed to have two names for the apartment complex in the center. It's called Stonefield Commons on their website, but the URL and some of the signs say "Haven Apartments." Maybe they didn't google first? Maybe the developer has used the Haven name before on other properties? Regardless, it was pretty funny to see the sign flipper with a sign that said THE HAVEN on it.

The Haven is probably considered a comfortable, safe place for many people in Charlottesville. Some of those people are downtown and some of them are on the highway.


  1. Oh dear! That...could be interesting.

  2. The Haven you described seems to be doing great Christian work! Nice story!


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