Going Retro: A Blog Award

When I first started blogging, blog awards were pretty common. The group of bloggers with whom I associated would pass these little awards around with questions in them. They reminded me of the list emails we'd share back in the early, early days of email. There would be 20 questions and you'd pass them around among friends.

Anyway, I was passed a new (to me) blog award by Suburban Charm, a Richmond-based blog, and it reminded me of my early days. It's called the Sunshine Award and here are the questions I'm supposed to answer.

1. Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to decorating?
 I can't say that there is one designer who serves as my biggest inspiration, so my answer to this one would be way too long.
2. What clothing shop is your favorite?
I would much rather shop for the home than for my closet, but J. Crew remains the store where I'm usually successful in finding great pieces. Living an hour from the company's main warehouse (One Ivy Crescent!) is definitely dangerous.
3. What is your "comfort food"?
Tuna salad on toast reminds me of being a little kid. These days, when I have that need for comfort food, I get a Spanish tuna melt from Feast.
4.What is your most cherished possession?
This is easy. No material object is more important to me than Baxter.
 Back at our wedding venue, Pippin Hill, on our first anniversary
5. Current lipstick color?
Thanks to VIB status at Sephora, my makeup collection has grown quite a bit in recent years, so I have plenty of lipsticks. I tend to prefer matte lips. Right now, I'm loving Ripe Fig by Bare Escentuals. They discontinued the color recently, so I'll be moving on soon.
6. If your luggage got lost on a week long trip, what three things would you have to purchase
 in order to survive the week?
A black dress, a great pair of slingbacks, and a pair of riding boots.
7. Favorite tote bag to use?
I've been carrying my kelly green, Kate Spade tote for years. Even though I own a second one in orange (wahoowa), I can't put my beautiful, green bag away. It looked so perfect in the dressing room at the Kate Spade store the other night that I snapped a picture of it.

I found a picture of myself wearing it from 2011, so the bag is at least two years old. The image is from one of Scarpa's annual sales and was taken by Dana, who writes the Style Forth blog and runs the image consulting firm, The Image Coach. This might be the first time I've shared of non-wedding day picture of myself on this blog. Talk about nerve-racking for me!

8. Most recent "splurge" purchase?
The leather Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams sofa we just ordered is the most expensive piece of furniture we've ever purchased. The only things we own that are more expensive are our cars and the house.  Marc loves that sofa, though. I can't wait to see his face when it arrives.
9. What charity is most dear to your heart?
It shouldn't be a surprise that the SPCA is our favorite local charity. 
10. Best piece of advice from a lesson you have learned in life.
The perfectionist in me learned that perfect can be pretty boring sometimes. If you think things need to be perfect, you sometimes feel as though you shouldn't attempt something if success isn't guaranteed. You miss out on some great experiences as a result. 


  1. I teared up when you said Baxter was more important to you than any possession. Dogs are the best!

  2. How funny was it that "Suburban Charm" awarded both of us the Sunshine Award. It is a very small world!!!


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