Different Prices Across Different Pottery Barn Divisions

I need to buy some rug pads for our living room. I used to have the inexpensive ones you can pick up at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx, but I decided it was time to invest in better quality mats. Since Pottery Barn sent us some discount codes when we moved, I figured I'd buy the rug pads online and get a nice break on the cost.

So I went to Pottery Barn's website and found a premium, 8x10 rug pad for $109. It had a $25 delivery surcharge on top of the shipping cost, which probably means this comes on a roll as opposed to folded up on a little box. Still, the delivery charged seemed a little steep, so I decided to click around and see if I could find a better price.

We got discount codes for PB Teen, Pottery Barn Kids, and West Elm in our "new home" mailer, so those were my next stops. They seemed to have the same rug pad on the PB Teen website, but they were calling it Deluxe instead of Premium. The descriptions were identical, including the use of the words "our premium rug pad," so I think the items are the same.

PB Teen's pad was $99 with a $25 delivery surcharge. That was better, but the seed was planted. What would the rug pad go for on other PB sites? So I went to Pottery Barn Kids.

The price was $99 with no delivery surcharge on the PB Kids website.What about West Elm?

The price is even lower, but that $25 surcharge comes back into play. Of course, now I'm wondering if the shipping charge might be waived if I order the rug pad in the store (I doubt they'll have them in the store, but that would be a nice bonus).

Here's a summary of all four price and shipping options I found within the Pottery Barn brand:

Isn't this interesting? The Pottery Barn customer pays the most, then comes the person with teenagers, then the West Elm customer (seems like a 20-something demographic), and then the people shopping for nursery items at Pottery Barn.

What's your reaction? A friend who is a PhD in economics wrote "Price Discrimination!" the second I shared this with her. Mine is to close the browser and order my rug pads from a different website.


  1. That is really, really interesting and I wouldn't have thought to check all their sites. Smart move. Maybe it would be best to order a good pad from a rug store? My mom always got hers from her oriental rug dealer.

  2. I'm so glad I know about this now! I'll definitely check all their sites before clicking "buy". FWIW, Carpet Plus in Cville has a wonderful rug pad for a very competitive price (sold per sq ft). Better yet, it's cut to size, rolled up and packed into the back of your car for you - often ready within mere hours. We purchased several for our new home and have been beyond pleased (and were quite happy to give the local folks our business as well).


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