A Return Trip to Valerianne

I shouldn't have gone in there. I should have returned the swatches the nice staff at Valerianne sent home with me by mail. I happened to be just a few blocks away while in northern Virginia for work and thought it'd be better to drop them off in person.

Of course, we couldn't resist laying the swatches out again...and then adding some more options.

Analysis paralysis strikes again! I stood over the swatches I originally picked after about 90 minutes of indecision and second guessed them. Maybe I should switch to a different color scheme. Maybe the calm, soothing colors I thought I wanted weren't exciting enough. Maybe our bedroom needed "a pop of color" though that phrase is so clique it almost makes me cringe to type it.

I was strong. I rejected the new fabrics, though I might add one extra set of pillows to the bed so I can get a new texture on the bed.

If you love bedding, you have to see this beautiful, little shop. Just be forewarned that you won't get out of there without wanted to do a major overhaul on your bed!

New in the store: the sweetest, lace-trimmed guest towels. They were beautiful!


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