We Fell in Love with a Keaton

Not one of those. One of these:

It's the Keaton sofa by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. Marc sat on a sofa at the Restoration Hardware in Georgetown about a year ago and was smitten. I've never heard him talk about a piece of furniture so much. He loved it.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that we aren't huge Restoration Hardware fans, especially since they stopped working with Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. Their "Easton" sofa is not made by MGBW anymore. The last time I looked at the sofa on their website, they didn't even list a country of origin on the piece. Of course, my suspicion is that they are having the sofas made far, far away.

Meanwhile, the good folks at MGBW are still making their version of the Easton. I once thought it was the Liam sofa, but that sofa is more "leggy" then the Keaton, which I believe is the closest match. 
The day when I ducked into Ruth and Ollie in Richmond, I was actually there to place an order for our Keaton sofa. Of course, there were some leather options to consider and decisions to make about wood finishes and nailheads. Poor Marc got a ton of photos texted to him and we even have a Facetime discussion of the choices.

Here were our favorites in natural light:

And in lamp light:

Here are HALF the finish options that MGBW offers for the legs on their pieces:

I was almost relieved that there were *only* four nail head options:

After a lot of discussion, pairing different legs with different leathers, and a good amount of caressing each sample, there were two combinations we liked best. We settled on a "Java" leg, gold nail head (it's brushed, not super shiny), and the leather on the far left in the pictures of the three favorites above. I forget the name of the leather, but it had "Mink" in it, which made me laugh about an hour later because my name on Weddingbee was "Miss Mink."

We're getting the combination on the left in this picture:

The nice folks at Ruth and Ollie starting writing up the order, but our salesperson stopped when she realized that the final two leathers were dramatically different in price. The option on the right (the runner up) was a "C" grade leather while the one we picked was an "E" grade leather. Guess which one is more expensive? Guess which one isn't just more expensive, but is the top grade of leather MGBW offers? Yep, this sofa became quite a bit more expensive using that E grade leather.

I was totally expecting Marc to say we should go for the C grade leather. I would have been fine with that since he's been in love with this sofa for so long. But he decided that we were buying an expensive piece of furniture that we will have forever and should get the leather we loved the most.

The process was so fast. When you buy the most expensive piece of furniture you've ever owned, you kind of expect to feel some big sense of excitement or accomplishment. Nope. I walked out of the store with a receipt and went home. Maybe I'll be more excited when the sofa arrives in six weeks. 


  1. Your couch is going to be so beautiful, I can't wait to see how it looks in your home'

  2. Oh my gosh, that sofa is going to be SO chic in a leather. I love that it has modern/feminine lines and you're pairing it with a more "masculine" upholstery. I love the leather color you went with too. I can't wait to see it!


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