Kathy Best Design in Traditional Home

Don't you love it when you see an image that makes you stop and really inspect what's going on in it? That's what happened when I came across this image in the most recent issue of Traditional Home. This is the foyer from the Napa Valley Showhouse, designed by Kathy Best Design.

That light fixture is called Dressage...how perfect!

When I saw it, I caught myself tilting my head as if look at it from a different angle would reveal more of the room.I went to google next and found more pictures of the room on Kathy's website.

Nothing here really translates to my home, but I find the whole thing so interesting. I especially love the wall where that large piece of art is hanging.

Kathy also designed the powder room for the house. Unfortunately, this is the only image of the space. I wish there was more!

But one point that I'm debating...is that ice in the sink?


  1. Thanks for the great info! I'm trying to watch what I ingest as my body attempts to properly digest it then I learn that I'm being bamboozled the whole damn time!


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