A Rainbow of Front Doors

I know I mentioned it at some point. Our main doors are made of two massive blocks of wood that are glued together. They're solid as rocks, but not the prettiest things. One is painted white and the other is brown. Eventually, they need to be replaced. That's not a top priority, but I thought I might slap a coat of paint on them to freshen them up while we work on other projects.

What color? I'm not sure yet. The house is a little lighter than cornflower blue. It would look nice with so many colors.

When I was younger, I loved glossy, red doors. When I imagined my future home, though the style and size of the house changed, the red door was always there.

This next image actually look a lot like our front door (though ours has a storm door on it).

It would look so beautiful during the holidays.

Pink is unexpected, but I love it.

The light, baby pink in the next image wouldn't look great with our house color.

It would be "very Virginia" to have a blue house with an orange door. We would get so many brownie points from our Wahoo neighbors. In case you don't know, University of Virginia's colors are blue and orange.

A strong yellow would probably look fantastic with our house color.

I'm throwing some green doors in just because they're pretty. I don't think this color would be quite right on our house.

Blue on blue? I think a very, very dark navy might look okay.

I love these lighter blues, but they wouldn't work. Look at the door in the next photo against the blue porch ceiling. Not quite right.

This is totally unexpected, but I love this purple door. 

The gray is pretty, too.

This door might be my favorite of the lot, but it's clearly not going to happen on our house.

Interestingly, I don't see too many doors in our neighborhood with bright doors. I hope the neighbors don't think we're nuts if we go for the red or the yellow.


  1. I wonder if a darker color, such as the very dark navy, might better mask the things you don't like about your doors?

    1. Definitely. We're also considering adding to the door to "plump" it up a little bit and add some interest cheaply. Decisions, decisions!

  2. Jen has a good point about the navy blue!
    If you need help picking house colors, give me a shout. I'm *obsessed* with color, you know.

  3. We have friends that painted their door that light lime green color as well as their shutters to give their house a fun pop. There's nothing better than a front door in a fun color.

  4. I love the red and orange doors, but the green is my favorite :) I just love when the front door pops from the rest of the house.

  5. A house on Grove (near CHS and off 250) has the most adorable hot pink door. (The rest of the house is pink, too, which I think distracts from the door.) I think it's worth a look.

    1. I was just going to say something about this house! It's in my neighborhood, they just painted the house from brick to light pink and the door hot pink... quite interesting. There's another house on Grove that is brick and has a light purple door, which I really like.


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