A Look at Leftover Luxuries

If you're local, you've probably heard of Leftover Luxuries by now. It's part of the consignment sale craze that started a few years ago. Most of the consignment sales around here are for clothes or children's items, but Leftover Luxuries is for home goods.

Consignors set the prices and LL takes a cut when an item is sold. That's probably why some of the prices have raised an eyebrow (mostly on small accessories), but there are often some nice, bigger pieces at the sales.

Here's a look at the current sale, happening at the Pantops Shopping Center (around the corner from the Roses store) from now until Sunday,

Those white, Greek key side tables were at the last sale. If memory serves, they are a little scratched up and might need a coat of paint.

I found a few interesting items and thought some of the prices were really good.

Remember when framing an Hermes scarf was a thing? I guess it could still be a thing, but I keep mine in a box. I'd be afraid of the constant exposure to sunlight fading the colors.

For a formal space, these silk curtains with Greek key trim are beautiful. The tags had no information about measurements or how many panels were included. It seemed like a bit process to get them down from their hanger, so I didn't investigate.

There were several Serena & Lilly and John Robshaw items. I have a feeling I know who the consignor is on this stuff and I always know that the prices are excellent.

These are John Robshaw rugs!

Did you see the black, rattan chairs in the second picture on the post? The prices was awesome...but I'm not sure if it was for two chairs or all four.

$47 for linen and velvet drapes? That seems like an amazing price, but again, no measurements are given.

I thought this table was great!

The trim on this sofa was really nice. The price was a little high, but it's clearly custom work.

These chairs really interested me. I love the contrasting fabric that was used on the back!

There were several more sets of drapes, including some that match the ones I bought from Horchow for my bedroom many years ago. The price tag on those (the second picture below) was too high for me to reach. All of the sets were lined and had nice pinch pleats at the top.

There was a room of clothing, but I don't have the patience to go through those racks.

There are a few nice items for sale, but I guess I wish the price tags were more detailed. Measurements are so important on home items, especially when you are seeing them in a massive space. That sofa that looks totally appropriate in a warehouse might look massive in your living room. The drapes that are hung in half could be 84" or they could be over 100" long. Shame on me for not bringing a tape measure, but I wasn't really in the market for anything at the sale.

Anyone going? Did you get anything interesting?

Leftover Luxuries has expanded into other cities, so keep an eye out for a sale in your area!


  1. Looks fun! There are several upscale consignment shops in Richmond that I frequent and I have found many treasures for my home. I agree about needing measurements...I keep a measuring tape in my handbag!

  2. wonderful place! Gotta earmark this the next time I go visit my son!
    xo Nancy

  3. Your blog is darling! My daughter goes to W&L and Cville is where we shop. Have a wonderful week.

  4. I've been living here for four years and have yet to check this out. I'd be interested in taking a peek at the clothing. Not that I need to buy anything right now!


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