15% off Custom Upholstery at Artful Lodger (and our bed!)

Are you tired of hearing about this bed that I've been obsessing over? First, there was an exhaustive search for the right one. Then, I found the right one, but decided not to order it after reading reviews of the manufacturer. Finally, I found a new bed at a local shop, The Artful Lodger. Here she is...WK521 aka Cleo.
She's made by Vanguard, a fabulous furniture company in North Carolina, where so much wonderful furniture is made. The Vanguard folks are so accommodating that they will make your bed in any one of hundreds of fabrics. It took us a few days to pick our favorite.

All this happened in August, but The Artful Lodger has a sale on ALL custom upholstery in September, so I sat at home and waited. On Saturday, I walked into the shop and happily declared that I was ready to order our bed.

Great! Okay, we have the bed, we have the fabric. Do we have the wood color picked out for the legs? Oops. I didn't even think about the wood color for the legs. No problem. I could pick something out on the fly, right? No, I couldn't. Because Vanguard offers fifty jillion wood options. No joke, they sent me home with three huge rings with samples on them.

Oh, and they also sent me home with a book that showed the nailhead options. They don't just offer brass and nickel. They offer a metallic rainbow of options.

Forgive the iPhone photos. I didn't want to keep the samples for too long. I gave myself one hour to make a decision. Here are the wood colors that didn't require an up-charge:

I debated. Light could look nice, but dark seems more versatile.

 So I focused on the darker woods and then started to remove the ones that seemed to have been distressed.

My final pick was "Retro Walnut." I don't know why it's retro, but I think it is dark while still being brown. It shouldn't be mistaken for black.

Then came the nailhead decision. The bed had to use #9 sized nails, which are standard size. When it came to the color, I really had a hard time deciding.

So I took the book back to The Artful Lodger and crawled around on the floor (the owners are such good sports that they joined me) to hold my fabrics and wood up to different nailheads on pieces around the store.

I think we picked pewter. I think. Maybe. 

Every had analysis paralysis? It was seriously in effect on Saturday. However, I walked out with an order placed for the bed...and an order placed for a second rug to match the discounted one I bought for our living room

Progress! Finally. 



  1. Ha, "analysis paralysis". Yes! I had no idea that there was an official term to describe that, but that is me to a T.

    Also, I can't wait to see this new bed because it sounds like it's going to be beautiful!

  2. So excited for you!!! Can't wait to see the pictures when it comes in! You have fabulous taste! I

  3. So many decisions! I can't wait to see the finished product!


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