Unexpected Progress in the Living Room (at Shade's of Light's Decorating Outlet)

As a little birthday present to myself, I took a trip over to Richmond to do some window shopping in hopes of getting inspired to get a few more decisions made about the long list of rooms in the house that need work. My first stop was at the U-Fab Clearance Center and I shared pictures from that new store yesterday.

Moving from a 785 square foot condo into a house is kind of funny. You'd think that having many empty rooms to decorate would be fun, but without a stick of furniture in some of them, there are so many directions you could take.

I've stayed away from thinking too much about the living room since it seems far more important to get at least a comfortable bedroom set up. When we were in limbo with the house, I kept myself busy with a living room Pinterest board. It's full of cheerful, pink spaces. At first, I think I was craving cheerful spaces, but in time, I really started to love seeing a pink accents in rooms.

From House & Home April 2011 issue, by Anne Hepfer Designs

By Armonia Decors (love Lord Bodner's Octopus Study!)

I wasn't in Richmond to look for anything for the living room, but as I walked through the rug section of the Decorating Outlet in Chesterfield (the outlet for Shades of Light, a catalog that has a couple retail locations), something coral caught my eye. I asked one of the ladies at the shop to pull the rug out so I could see it better.

I kind of loved it. It's a dhurrie (flat weave) rug and though I've seen tons of the lately, the pattern was just a tad different from the most I've seen. The rug was 8x11, which isn't big enough for the living room. The staff checked their inventory to see if they had a larger one, but 8x11 was the largest size available, even though Shades of Light.

So I stared at the rug for a while, thinking that I'd be putting it back shortly. Then they told me it was 50% off and I could take it home for 48 hours to see if it worked in my space. Then I could a funny idea.

The living room is huge. It could take a 14x20 rug or larger. We'd probably have a limited selection if we looked for rugs to fill the entire space. What's more, those rugs would likely be extremely expensive and I have a think about not being possessed by possessions after I tip toed around a custom made sofa for years.

The rug at the outlet was still available at full-price through Shades of Light. Putting two 8x11 rugs side-by-side would definitely fill most of the living room. I decided to take the rug home from the outlet and then order another during a sale.

So I took the rug home and it's sitting in the living room right now. I was a little nervous about how Marc would react to a coral rug, but he loved it.

You might be wondering why it was at the Decorating Outlet. The tag said the edges were frayed. The staff and I walked to perimeter and while we found five or six strings extending from underneath the rug, the edges definitely weren't frayed. I think I got very lucky with the purchase.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the Decorating Outlet to share. It's full of great light fixtures, lamps, and sconces. I was just a little too excited about that rug!

Shades of Light's Decorating Outlet
9912 Midlothian Turnpike
Chesterfield, VA 23235
M-F 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

*Literally down the street from U-Fab's Clearance Center!*


  1. What a fun pop of color! Very Sarah Richardson, right?

    1. She's so great with fabric...I wish my spaces had her style. :)

  2. I'm loving the rug, and what a great idea to use two--pure brilliance. BTW, we lived in Charlottesville for six years in the late 70's and early 80's. All our children were born there. We still have friends we come to visit. What a great place to live--once you live there, you always dream of moving back!

    1. My husband jokes that this is why Cville is "The Hook." Once it gets its hooks in you, you will always want to come back. :)

  3. What a great find, I love this rug!

  4. Did you see that Alaina from The Everygirl has that rug in her house? She has it in her office area and it's so perfect.

    1. I haven't seen it! Thank you SO much for sharing!!!

  5. It's absolutely beautiful, Jeannine!


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