U-Fab's New Custom Furniture

While at Charlottesville's U-Fab last weekend to order drapes, I got to see their new line of custom furniture. The U-Fab folks have made custom headboards and window treatments for quite some time and they do upholstery work, but the new line is quite an extension of their services.

Kendall and her colleague, whose name escapes me right now (so sorry!), told me that the company owner discovered a fantastic furniture company in Texas that had worked with some other fabric stores on custom lines. The U-Fab team was very happy with the quality of construction and decided to develop some items for their customers.

Samples of all of the current pieces are at both U-Fab stores (Charlottesville and Richmond). Here's a look at the items at the Charlottesville store. The prices shown are for construction. The only added cost is for your selected fabric.

Most of the space at U-Fab is taken up by racks and racks of fabric, so many of the pieces are on display on the lower level (which is also where there are some great deals on remnants!).

I've never seen a curved sofa with such a low price on it. Amazing.

I guess I forgot to take a close-up picture of the prices for this last collection, Ripley. By the prices on the other collections, you can guess that it's probably around $1,000 for the sofa.

I thought the scale of the pieces was wonderful. They weren't at all wimpy in size. The cushions felt well-made. Though they were probably all foam, it didn't feel like the cheap stuff that would break down over time.

By the way, Kendall said that two people who were on a road trip made a stop in Charlottesville to visit them after seeing pictures of the store on this blog. Whoever you are, I hope you enjoyed your time in Charlottesville!


  1. I recently had my club chairs recovered and it took 10 yards of fabric for one chair because of the repeat. One chair from the above would have cost well over a 1500 dollars. I must be out of touch. But I think there construction prices are high for a discount place when you add fabric and labor in.

    1. I think you are confused on the pricing structure, there is no extra cost for the upholstery service. The cost of the chair frame and upholstery is $649 plus the fabric so if the chair required 10 yards of fabric at $20/yd your total cost for a brand new custom chair would be $849. - Travis w/ U-Fab

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