The Slow March Towards a Completed Room

Painting has always been a relaxing activity for me, but while trying to paint our guest room, I couldn't help but feel a sense of urgency. With every room in the house in need of updating or work, I feel like I need to hurry up and get one area completely done.

The difference between the "before" and the "current" is enough to make me feel pretty good, but I don't feel like this room is done by a long shot.

As I painted the room, I discovered things that need fixing. For example, the hardware on the windows that crank open needs to be replaced. The outlets and light switches are quite old and some have been painted over. I remember our home inspector saying painting over outlets is a big no-no.

The closet could use new hardware as well. The bifold doors don't slide smoothly and there is something brown and furry all along the inside ledges of them. I'm debating cleaning them up or looking for more traditional closet doors, like the ones we had in the condo. The shelving that was in the closet is rickety and should probably be replaced.

I decided to use Benjamin Moore's Aura eggshell paint in Maritime White on the walls and Benjamin Moore Regal Select Pearl in White Dove on the ceiling.  I saw some beautiful pictures of an entire house where a pearl finish was used on the ceilings. I decided to give it a try in this bedroom.

I love the effect of the pearl finish on the ceilings. They glow just a tiny bit and the room feels a tad taller.

 I found Regal Select, the best Benjamin Moore paint to come in a pearl finish, to be a really annoying paint. Aura is my gold standard, so I feel as though I've been spoiled with easy paint jobs. Regal Select is probably a fantastic paint compared to many standard paints, but there's no comparing it to Aura.

I'm definitely going to stick to Benjamin Moore's Aura from now on. The decision I have to make is about the finish I'll use on the ceilings. Traditionally, flat or matte paints are used on ceilings. Since we had the ceilings smoothed out just weeks ago, I don't think there are many flaws to cover up, so using something with a tiny bit of sheen might be okay.


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