The Bed, Revisited

I posted about my search for a tufted, wing back bed a few weeks ago. Since then, I've been looking at the options repeatedly and blocking them out with a tape measure in the master bedroom.

My top choices originally turned out to be a bit shorter than I had hoped. The bottom of our current bed is 10 inches off the ground and the top of the mattresses wind up being about 34 inches off the ground. We have nice mattresses, but they aren't super tall like some with pillow tops are. I love hopping up into bed. I also like that our bedside tables are higher than the bed. Here's how everything looked in our old condo bedroom:

After I went through every option's measurements, I started to look at fabric options. Many had linen-like options, but a couple were only available in microfiber. I don't think microfiber is quite right for us, so those are coming off the list. I'm looking at you, gorgeous Amelia bed at High Fashion Home.

One came out ahead and it wasn't even on my radar originally. It was a bed by HGTV Home, made by Bassett Furniture. A commenter named Katie suggested it in the comments on my original post.

The bed is tall and has a slew of fabric options. However, when I started googling Bassett Furniture, I found tons of complaints online about the company. However, they were on sites like PissedOffConsumer, so you can imagine that there are no positive reviews to counter the negative ones. Several mentioned that despite the company promoting its base in Bassett, Virginia, much of the furniture is made abroad. All of the pieces in the HGTV collection have icons that say they are made in the US, but There isn't anything in the text descriptions of the furniture that says that.

The only first-hand knowledge I have of this company is that they used to have a store in Charlottesville and they closed it. When they were having their closing sale, I went in and wasn't impressed by the state of the store. They weren't selling floor models, they were taking orders. Everything was just being moved to their Richmond store.

Does anyone have experience with Bassett Furniture?


  1. If you are used to fine quality like Henkel Harris, Stickley, or Henredon, you probably won't be happy, but if you want to use this bed for a few years and then change to something else, I think you will be fine. Not impressed with the Bassett showroom here in RVA but it's not bad if you are looking for some trendy pieces that you don't plan to keep forever.

  2. Don't laugh, but Costco has some nice ones on their website. And for a warehouse store, they generally carry quality merchandise and have a good return policy. Just for fun, you should explore it.

  3. Our guest bedroom furniture which I've had for 10 years and has been moved at least 7 times as well as our master bedroom furniture which is about 5 years old are from Bassett. The first set was actually bought from a Bassett store in Texas and the second set was purchased from Grand Home Furnishings here in Charlottesville. I think both sets are well made and from a good quality of wood. In addition, neither set was extremely expensive or overpriced so the bang for the buck was great. I'm sure there are alot of people out there who have had bad experiences with Bassett but ours has been nothing but wonderful.

  4. Just popping in to say I just found your site and it's lovely. Have a great Saturday :)

  5. I bought a couch from Bassett in Houston 2 years ago. It's worn fairly well for an everyday use couch. The sales/design team was really helpful and spent a lot of time with me when I was picking all the fabric and options. When it was delivered one of the pillows has an ink stain on it. The customer service was a little tricky since I had the pieces delivered to VA but after a little pressure they sent me a new perfect pillow.


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