Overstock Comes Up Short

When I found an amazing dhurrie at the Shades of Light outlet (aka Decorator's Outlet) in Chesterfield a few weeks ago, I figured I could use two of the rugs side-by-side to fill our very large living room. The full-priced rug was still available through the Shades of Light catalog, so I took home the discounted one with plans to order another soon.

After Kelsey commented that Alaina from The Every Girl had the rug in her office, I decided to do some googling to see if I could find the photos of the rug. I stumbled upon the rug at Overstock.com for a couple hundred dollars less than retail and decided to order it. The description said the side could vary and I knew that a handwoven rug wouldn't be exactly 8x11 (the one I got from the Shades of Light outlet was 8'1" x 11'1"), but I wasn't planning on attaching the rugs, just having the in the same room.

The rug came very quickly and as I unwrapped it, I quickly compared the colors. They were slightly different shades of coral, but not so different that they would look strange in the same space. I was getting excited!

As I unrolled the rug, I got more excited. As I got towards the end of the roll, I was a little concerned that it didn't seem to have enough rug left to be 8x11. As the last bit unrolled, you could have cued sad trombone from The Price is Right. Fail.

When I measured the new rug, it was 8'4" x 10'6". As I wrote before, I didn't expect the rug to be exactly 8x11. Ten inches off seemed really unusual. So, I turned to asking folks on the Facebook page that's tied to the blog about this. My friend Abbe had a really interesting comment.

The majority of my family does some type of crafting/creation and my mother's hobby is fiber and all that goes along with it (spinning yarn, knitting, crochet, weaving, etc.). Even when making a rug by hand, variability of the dimensions should still be within an inch or two unless the creator is new to the process - and in that case, measurements should definitely be taken and confirmed before final purchase, possibly with the extreme outliers such as this one being marked/sold as defects and chalked up to the learning curve.

So perhaps this rug was sent to Overstock because it was so irregular. Even at a discount, the rug was still expensive (to me), so I packed it right back up and we are taking it to the UPS depot tonight to go back to Overstock. I'll wait a little bit and then order from Shades of Light.

I love a good deal, but every once in a while, you get what you pay for. Lesson learned.


  1. Hey, that's me! I'm quite flattered :)

    Knowing now that it's from Overstock, that makes a lot of sense to me. The company wouldn't see much concern in how "off" the dimensions are given that they are a resale outlet and won't be held to the quality standards of the original label. They also likely just get the rugs pre-packaged and have no need to unroll them, so even if they would worry about it, they wouldn't have much of a chance to see just how off the measurements are.

    They must have been training the new guy :D Too far off to sell at full price, but good enough that they just couldn't let it go to waste! Haha.

    1. Had I not already owned a "first quality" one, this rug probably would have been just fine. I just wish they had disclosed that it was irregular.

  2. Hey Jeannine,

    The rug you received is way too short to be listed at 8x11. Like abbe said, when these are hand crafted they tend to be a few inches short but not to the extent of what you received.

    If you email us at twitter@overstock.com we can either ensure you get a full refund or we can contact the warehouse and make sure the right size is sent out.

    So sorry for the trouble, we will make it right.



  3. Jeannine, I like your blog and loved it on blogionaire.com!


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