Fun with Vanguard Fabrics

The key characteristic we wanted (who am I kidding, I wanted) in our new bed was a headboard that was in the neighborhood of 60 inches tall. Many of the beautiful beds we considered had headboards that were a bit shorter. One bed seemed to fit the bill and it was from Bassett Furniture.

Yesterday, I talked about backing away from going to Richmond to order from Bassett because there were overwhelmingly negative reviews of the company online and some said that the company recently moved production abroad. I wound up settling on a bed by Vanguard that could be ordered through a local store, The Artful Lodger.

On Saturday afternoon, Marc and I went to the store to comb through the Vanguard fabric racks. Marc was draw to velvets and micro-suede. He's all about comfort. I thought the bed could use just a little bit of shine and picked some smoother, silkier fabrics. We went back and forth on our favorites as we walked around the table where we were working. The way the light was hitting the samples was affecting our perception, so the ladies at the store told us to take our favorites home and see them in the bedroom.

Here are the top contenders, along with swatches of our not-yet-ordered bedding:

1. A stunning, thick, chocolate brown silk with a pebble texture

2. A light brown silky fabric with some shine  

 3. A light beige velvet

4. A mushroom colored velvet

5. A beige linen with a little bit of a sheen 

I decided to carefully hang the samples up on the wall where the bed will go to see them all side-by-side.

The linen was almost immediately eliminated. While I loved the fabric and the subtle shine to it, the color wasn't right. The lighter brown fabric with the most shine was eliminated next. I was in love with the thick, chocolate brown fabric, but it didn't really make sense since we are trying to create a soothing space. It's a gorgeous fabric, but high contrast wasn't right for us.

 We came down to the two velvet (or maybe they are micro-suede? I need to check the tags) samples. Marc picked the lighter of the two and I agreed. It'll look great with our bedding and in the room.

Now we have to wait a little over a week so we can place our order during The Artful Lodger's 15% off sale, which starts on September 1st.


  1. Yay for shopping local!

    I think you'll be happy with the velvet as opposed to the silk because even a water drop, etc. would made a permanent mark on the headboard. I already have a few spots on my silk pillows and it's driving me crazy.

    1. You're so right. Silk wouldn't fit my "don't be possessed by your possessions" mantra. I don't want to tip toe around my furniture.

  2. Love what you selected! You bedroom is going to be absolutely have great taste!


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