Baby Steps Underfoot in the Bedroom

Are you painfully bored of the guest bedroom yet? I'm getting there myself. The good news is that I got the rug that used to be in our condo bedroom in there and set up the bed. But something didn't look right.

 The rug looked fine in the condo bedroom, but there was way too much space around it in the new bedroom. There are all sorts of "rules" about rug placement online. You can find someone to back up whatever you want to do with a rug. You'll see some claiming you need ALL furniture legs on the rug, others saying the front two legs need to be on, and more recently, those saying no furniture on a rug is just fine. Some say you need a set space between the edge of the rug and the wall, too. I think my favorite article is this one from Houzz, which basically says to do whatever you think feels right in the room. I like that philosophy. Rules shmools.

They even show an example of what I'm thinking of doing in the living room. They have two identical rugs side-by-side in a large room.

We had two seagrass rug in the condo and decided to make a switch. So instead of the bedroom rug, we put the one from our old living room in there. The bed was already set up, so moving the rug was going to be a bit awkward. We decided to just take the bed apart at the headboard.

The rug was big enough to let the entire bed sit on it and there are two equal "runways" on the sides of the room. It's far less awkward looking than the little rug.

We're far from done, but we finally have a comfortable oasis from all the projects that come to mind when we walk into other rooms.

A surprise flower arrangement from my friends at Southern Blooms by Pat's Floral Designs (who did my wedding flowers!) was a sweet addition to my bedside table. Aren't they lovely?

Baxter is not impressed, though.


  1. Oh, Baxter. He is so sweet.

  2. I'm really interested in seeing the two identical rugs next to each other. Didn't think of doing that!

    The flowers are so pretty. Happy birthday!

  3. I love their flowers. I wish they had a two locations - and the second was in Raleigh.

    1. Heehee! They DID do a wedding in Chapel Hill recently, so I guess they'll travel. :)


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