An Eleventh Hour Change

I wrote Friday's post about deciding to buy a bed from Bassett Furniture after an exhaustive search for the perfect tufted, wing back bed. I kept thinking about the negative reviews I found about the company. I felt even more pressure when I visited Bassett's Facebook page and saw that they were running a 30% off sale on Saturday. Some reviews said that sales are 15%-20% off sales are frequent, but 30% off seemed too good to be true.

I wound up bailing on the trip to Richmond to order the bed. The reviews were just too numerous to ignore and my sister-in-law even chimed in about some pieces she bought when Bassett had a store in Charlottesville. We're looking for pieces of furniture that can work with our home now and in the future and I wasn't convinced that we'd be making a forever purchase, especially if the company had moved a lot of its production abroad in recent years.

On Saturday afternoon, I wound up going to Charlottesville's The Artful Lodger, which carries furniture lines like Bernhardt, Precedent (owned by Sherrill), and Vanguard. The art that used to hang on either side of our bed is from The Artful Lodger and I have seen their work at the Charlottesville Design House. As we talked about the dimensions of the bed I wanted (I wanted the headboard high, but not too high), we zeroed in on the Parisian Loft bed by Precedent (I had considered it when I found it as the Georgia bed on the High Fashion Home website)

and a bed by Vanguard called WL521K-HF. Awesome name, right?

The wonderful thing about Vanguard is their willingness to customize their pieces. Notice the difference in the way the nailhead trim is applied on the two versions I'm sharing here. Above, the nailhead is applied in a tight row and runs along the headboard and bottom of the rails. Below, there are spaces between the nailheads and they run along the headboard and both edges of the rails. There are plenty of options when it comes to fabrics and wood finishes, too.

The nailhead won me over. Though the Vanguard bed was expensive, all custom upholstery goes on sale starting September 1st at The Artful Lodger. With 15% off, the price comes down to the same range as many of the other beds we were considering.

I love the height of the headboard. It's a high headboard, but not super high. The owner at the Artful Lodger described too high as "hotel room" high and I think that makes sense. Those almost-to-the-ceiling headboards look amazing in a boutique hotel, but I didn't want one in my bedroom.

Tomorrow, I'll share some of the fabrics we're considering.


  1. What a gorgeous bed! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Have you considered ordering from their outlet in NC? The prices are much better than regular retail.

    1. I did check into it. They DO have one of these beds at the outlet, but I don't like the fabric or the wood finish. Judging by the list price on that bed at the outlet, there's a higher grade fabric on it that bumped the price up a bit.

      Between the fabrics I'm considering and the 15% off, our bed will be pretty close in price to the outlet bed. :)

  3. I love this choice. Great style!!

  4. Gorgeous, I tell you! I've got serious bed envy over here.


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