Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shop Tour: The U-Fab Clearance Center in Chesterfield

I did something interesting to celebrate my birthday over the weekend. I went bargain shopping. I've been doing so much work on the house and was feeling a little overwhelmed with my project list and decided some window shopping might be good for me.

U-Fab, the local fabric store where I found some inspiration for our guest room, just opened a clearance center in Chesterfield, a suburb about 35 minutes south of Richmond. I was intrigued by the photos they shared on their Facebook page and decided to treat myself to an afternoon in Richmond and then a trip down to the clearance center to check it out.

I was so surprised by the size of the place. It's HUGE! There are probably as many bolts as in the regular U-Fab store (maybe more).

When I walked in, one of the staff members said "ignore the prices tags, everything is $7.99 per yard." I noticed over and over that saying that quickened people's pace. That price makes you think there must be SOMETHING you need in this place. 

There were so, so many racks. Fabric was everywhere, but still organized in the U-Fab way. They are so good about coordinating their inventory. 

There was a back room with every more options. The bolts were 4-5 deep at certain points.

There's also half a room full of trim. Just trim. Piled on shelves. Piled in boxes. It was everywhere.

So much sparkle! So pretty!

Back in the main part of the store, there were three pieces of furniture. The first was a sofa, marked down to an incredible $1,499.

There were also two chairs and I don't remember the incredibly low price marked on them.

Wait...those horrible iphone pictures don't do those pieces justice. Here they are in the room U-Fab designed for the 2013 Charlottesville Design House:

Go. Now. It's not quite right for our living room, but I was so wishing it was! The price is amazing. The tufting and nail head trim is so cool. Someone needs that sofa!

U-Fab Clearance Center
11382 Mall Dr.
Chesterfield, VA 23235

*The store is in the same complex as the Chesterfield Towne Center Mall, across the parking lot from TJMaxx/HomeGoods.*
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  1. I know what I'm doing Saturday morning!!! Had not heard that they opened an outlet!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Have fun! The Shades of Light outlet is just down the way, too!

  2. Thanks for making the trip! We hope you had a fabulous birthday weekend :)

    1. Thanks for giving me so much to share! So excited for you all!

  3. Thank you so much for both these posts - can't wait to head to RIC to explore the Clearance Center! I've been looking for a striped fabric for our sunroom - what a selection. FUN!

    1. The regular U-Fab store isn't far away, so if you don't see something you love at the Clearance Center, definitely get to the store!

  4. I want that couch. Do you know how long it is? How deep?

    1. I'm so sorry...I didn't take measurements. Give them a call! They are so nice there!

  5. Oh my bank account is very happy that I live an hour north of Richmond. I could go crazy in there.


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