A Bout with Indecisiveness

Update: I went with Silver Crest!

My Benjamin Moore dealer closes at 2:00 pm today, so I'm racing to make a decision about the paint color for our walls. I'm usually pretty decisive about picking a color once I get samples on the wall, but this isn't the case this time around.

I'm thankful that the folks at Benjamin Moore now make 15 ounce sample pots. I originally thought it was overkill, but having a good amount of paint to sample allowed me to put it on all four walls of the bedroom.  It's funny how different light (and height) affects your take on color.

Here are the samples in natural light. My preference...I don't have one. They both look great. Tie?

Way up close, I have a slight preference for Healing Aloe.

Near lamps lit with incandescent bulbs in them, my preference is Silver Crest.

Near lamps lit with a mix of incandescent and CFL bulbs, I like Healing Aloe.

Near a CFL bulb alone, my preference is for Silver Crest.

I have one more coat of paint to put on the ceiling and then I need to get started on the walls. Should I just flip a coin at this point?


  1. I didn't vote yesterday, so I'll vote today - I like the way Silver Crest looks in all of the lights, where as I distinctly do not like the way Healing Aloe looks in its least flattering lights. I agree that it looks better than SC in some lights, but it looks not great to me in other lights, and I think SC looks pretty dang good in every light. Just my two cents!

  2. I vote Silver Crest also, given you have no preference in natural light but it clearly looks nicer when in either incandescent or CFL lighting. I don't know about you, but I generally only have one type of lighting in a room, and when I have both I'm generally only using one at a time, if that makes sense. Given that you like Silver Crest in more settings, it gets my vote.

  3. Another vote for Silver Crest! For all the reasons the ladies above mentioned :)

  4. Wow, they look much lighter than I had expected after reading your last post. (Just getting caught up now.) I think you made the right choice!

  5. Both look great, but I voted for the SC yesterday!

    BTW I went to the UFab outlet today...THANK YOU for the tip on that! I found my living room plaid silk fabric that had been discontinued several years ago! I had literally used the very last scrap I had to have pillows done for my living room sofa. I got six yards for under $50...and it was closer to $50/yard new! The trims prices are outrageously cheap!!! Great resource to share!

    Also visited Shades of Light outlet shop...I am there about every other week...looking for powder room light fixture.

    Have a great weekend!


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