Where to Start in an Empty Home?

I've just gotten back from a business trip and am using today to catch up on things I missed while I was away over the weekend. As I created a mental to-do list, I realized that there is SO much to do here, so much emptiness, that I don't now where to start.

We had to keep as many rooms empty as possible so the drywall contractors could come through to sand and smooth the textured ceilings. So, most of our things are in the master bedroom and the lower level.

Here's what I'm debating:

1. The Guest Bedroom - Our long term plan is to use our current queen bed in the guest bedroom and then get a king sized bed for the large master bedroom. We could set everything up in the guest bedroom and that would leave the master open for painting. The room isn't huge and it might not take too long to get everything done since I already stripped the wallpaper in there.

2. The Kitchen - Painting the cabinets and walls in the kitchen would be a major project. Of all the spaces in the house, this is the one that I don't feel moved into. It's tempting to jump in and do something that will have a huge impact.

3. The Lower Living Room - The wood-paneled living room on the lower level will probably be our main area for relaxing for now. That's where our TV will be set up and we'll probably have our computer down there until we get the office done. Since we'll spend a lot of time in that room, it might be nice to get it painted and minimally decorated early.

At the moment that I'm writing this, I'm leaning towards starting in the guest bedroom. In an hour, I'll probably be trying to pick paint for the kitchen. I think having too many options is a bad thing right now!

What would you do?


  1. I would go for quick but big impact in your main space for waking hours at home. That being said, I think you are so smart to move into the guest room and get it liveable while you make the master perfect.

    I am 2 1/2 years into a new construction house and there is still so much to be done... and I am impatient!

  2. I vote guest bedroom. The others seem a little (or lot) daunting, whereas the guest room would be a quick and hopefully easy success that can propel your confidence for the rest of the house

  3. I'd start in whichever room you'll be spending the majority of your time in. That's how I would get the most gratification out of my work. Having lived in our unadulterated apartment for so long, I can definitely say the room I've fantasized most about completely updating is our living room - every single day!

  4. Time to paint, paint, paint! Especially those kitchen cabinets! PS, the trend now is to paint the den/media room a dark color. It hides the TV when it's off, and the picture looks great when it's on. I'd save the guest bedroom until last.

  5. It also depends on if you're doing the work yourself or hiring some of it out.

    Assuming you're doing the work yourselves, painting the guest room will be the quickest, followed by the lower living room.

    Personally, I'd go for the quickest jobs first for faster gratification and helping you move through your projects list.

  6. I'd do the guest bedroom it looks like the easiest and faster one to do. Trust me I've been working on the kitchen renovation for weeks now, mentally I left the kitchen and moved onto other projects, it's no longer fun and just something that I will be happy to be done with. Don't start off with a big project LOL get some gratification from smaller ones first!

  7. I wouldn't want to do a project that wouldn't offer quick gratification. I'd do the bedroom or living room.


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