New Home Floor Plans and First Day Projects

When I posted photos of each room in our new house last week, I realized that it was hard to understand the layout of each floor. I decided to use (the free version) to show you all the layout.

The first floor is on the right side of the building. The second floor and lower level are on the left side of the building. These aren't 100% perfect, but after running around the a tape measure for a few hours and then trying to learn FloorPlanner's interface, I might have cut a few corners. I didn't include most of the closets or doors.

The First Floor

The Second Floor 
I promise you can get into the master bedroom. I forgot to put the doorway from the hallway into that room. The empty, unlabeled space in the middle is a closet. There are several others that I didn't mark.

The Lower Level 
You can see that the lower level and second floor sort of match. I had a little trouble getting the two stories of the sunroom addition to line up, though.

I'm still debating the order of projects for the house. We've started working with a few contractors on projects that had to be done before we really settled in, but now we're faced with deciding whether to focus on the main floor (entertaining spaces), lower level (our more informal living space), or the bedroom.

First Day Projects
The weekend after we closed on the house, I spent most of my time at the house cleaning while Marc worked on moving. The house had been empty for over a year and was filthy. I actually did so much scrubbing that I destroyed a pair of rubber gloves and had to go back to the store for a second pair.

People say you are supposed to leave a home "broom clean" when you sell it, but there isn't really a definition of that. I actually googled it when we sold the condo and I think we left it in great condition (I washed the floors several times before we backed out of the place).

Along with cleaning, I removed a few things that were left behind...

There was an ancient can opener attached to the kitchen cabinet. I decided to take this down first because I have a fuzzy memory of my parents saying they took a can opener off a cabinet when they moved into my childhood home. My memory may be mistaken, but I thought it would be funny to do the same thing they did.

I collected all the air fresheners that were scattered around the house. Our realtor, Jim Duncan, hates it when people use these things in homes that are on the market. I'm not a huge fan of them in any home. 

There were so many hooks and hangers around the house! This one was from a pair that were hanging over the stove. I saved them in case I can clean them up and repurpose them.

 The fake plant will not be repurposed.

After cleaning the bathrooms, I replaced all of the toilet seats. It was such a small change, but a good one since we'll be waiting a little while to start bathroom renovations.

And then I went back to scrubbing. 


  1. Leslie Elsaifi DavidsonAugust 5, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    That was actually my first reaction until my mother-in-law, the queen of re-purposing, convinced me to keep them. They are still sitting in the garage so at least any bugs are quarantined!

  2. @Leslie Elsaifi Davidson Oh my gosh, just dump them, I say!

    I trashed that "plant" so fast...all I could think of was whether it was home to spiders and other bugs. It had to go immediately!

  3. I think the seller was eager to move on. It would have been nice to have a professional cleaner come through at least a few times during the 400+ days the house was empty.

  4. @Nicole Thisdell I've seen a few different methods used on other blogs over the years. I'm not sure we'll have a use for those hooks, but they are pretty enough that I'll clean them up...even if I'm just going to drop them off at the Habitat store.

  5. @Jane @ The Borrowed Abode It was a bear to deal with! On my Mac, there were times when it would just go haywire and refuse to do something super simple that I had done in other parts of my plan. Or, it would insert a massive wall through the whole house while I was drawing a new room.

    I have to imagine that pros use Auto-CAD for a reason.

  6. @Lori S. I wish there was a solid definition of "broom clean" that people would be held do. Nothing takes the excitement out of closing like opening the door and being faced with the amount of grime I've scrubbed (and will continue to scrub for a while).

    Betty Duncan is awesome! You'll (he'll?) love working with Jim!

  7. Leslie Elsaifi DavidsonAugust 5, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    We too inherited many fake plants when we moved into our new house. I'm still trying to find a craft that I can use them in...maybe a wreath.

  8. That cabinet is seriously disgusting. What kind of person leaves a house like that?

  9. Did you know that you can boil old hardware to get paint and junk off? Looks like that might come in handy.

  10. Did you find Floorplanner incredibly difficult to use? Because I do, every time.

    I can't imagine how dirty it was after just sitting for a year...

  11. When I moved into my house with my now ex-husband, our house was NOT at all broom clean. It was dirty and complete with bugs in the bathtub. Our wonderful realtor, cleaned it for us since it was our first house. And you'll appreciate this -- this was Jim's mother -- Betty Duncan. She was an amazing realtor and put up with us looking forever. (I did recommend to the ex that he consider Jim when he sells the house.)

  12. amanda_alger@hotmail.comAugust 5, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    honestly this is part I couldn't hack so went with new. but i know its going to feel all the much more satisfying for you when it looks great!


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